Young people of the world towards the revival to al-Qaeda - terrorism -

Why there are many terrorist organization of Muslim? Surrounding ...

Young people of the world towards the revival to al-Qaeda - terrorism - Century the era of terrorism! The reason for the terrorist attacks is increasing at ever-increasing? There turning point 0 century is to be called the [era of war], the big war between nations is several happened. However, from entering the century, so that the terrorism is prominent than the large-scale war. Incidents of terrorism in the world, looking at the number of deaths, after 000 years, has increased to almost soaring, incidents in 2.0 years the time is ten thousand 000 items or more, and the death toll is up to ten thousand thousands. Incidents of 000 years time is about 000 cases, because the number of deaths is but about 000 people, it is a tremendous growth rate. The background to this, there is a presence of Islamic extremists. 00 date, al-Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden caused the terrorist attacks in the United States, came out 000 or more people dead. Although the multinational forces, including the United States, on the other hand attacked regarded as a hotbed of terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, Islamic extremists burning hostility to more and more Western countries, so as to wage a more vigorous terrorist activities It was.

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